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Tài liệu này được cung cấp tại Forum Cao Học Kinh Tế : --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ĐỀ THI TIẾNG ANH ( 3 ) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PART I : READING - SECTION 1 : USE OF ENGLISIH I. Choose the best words / phrases in the box below to comlete the sentences that follow Each word / phrase can be used ONCE ONLY . There are some extra words / phrases that you do not need to use against from repair fascinating by fell had gone salary examined fascinated had never seen looked into such previous do didn't see enthusiastic proved wage eadier fix became qualified went ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. He was so tired that he fell asleep in the chair 2. previous expenence of woiking in an office environment is essential for this job 3. The witness told the court that .he had never seen the accsed before 4. The children were fascinated by the televion programme 5. Psychiatnsts spend a lot of time studying the mind. So do psychologists . 6. A manager of a large international company is often given a big salary 7. It's nearly two years since I last went to a dentist 8. He put the two leners into the wrong envelops by mistake . 9. 'The expert examined the painting carefully and then said it was not original 10. The house has been lefl empty for a long time ; it will be expensive to repair the damage that has been done . 11.Oxfam tries to send food to countnes where people are suffenng from malnutrition. 12. They were really proved about my idea ofjoining them in London . 13. Doctor usually have to study for at least seveil yeais before becoming fully qualified !4. Research scieansts are still looking for a cure against heart disease 15. They were having such a nice time at the paity tllat they didn’t want to leaave -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SECTION 2 : READING . Read the following passages and answ'er the questions that follow eadl passage in the space provided -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PASSAGE 1 : In 1920 , after some thirty-nine yeais of problems with disease , high costs, and politics the Panama Canal was offlcially opened , finally linking the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans by allowing ships to pass through the flfty-mile canal zone instead of Tài liệu này được cung cấp tại Forum Cao Học Kinh Tế : travelling some seven thousand miles around Cape Hom. It takes a ship approximately eight hours to complete the trip through the canal and costs an average of fifteen thousand dollars . one tenth of what it would cost an average ship to round the Horn . More than ftfteen thousand ships pass through its locks each year The French initiated the project but sold their nghts to the United States , which actnally began the constrưction of the project . The laner will control it until the end of the twentieth cenmry when Panama takes over its duties -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 16. According to the passage, who currently controls the Panama Canal ? The United States control the Panama Canal 17. On the average , how much would it cost a ship to travel around Cape Hom ? A ship would be cost one hundred fifty thousand dollars to traval around caption 18. In what year was construction begun on the canal ? It begun in 1881 19. What is the benefit of the Panama Canal ? The Panama canal and costs an average of fifteen thousand dollars more than fifteen thousand ships pass through its locks each year 20. What will happen to the Panama Canal in the year 2000 ? The latter will cotrol it when Panama takes over its duties -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PASSAGE 2 : Nuclear power plants efflciently produce large anmouts of electticity without pollulting the atmosphere ; howrever , they aie costly to build and mailltain , and they pose the dalmting problem ơf what to do with nuclear wastes . Hydroelectric power is mexpensive and environmental1y safe , but impractical for commlmities localed fai from moving water Hamessing energy from tides and waves has similar drawbacks . Solar power holds great promise for the fnture but methods of collecting and concentrating simlight aie as yet inefflciellt , as alt methods of hanlessing wind power Every source of energy has its disadvantages. One way to minnize them is to use less energy . Conservation effotts coupled with reilewable renewable energy resources , such as a combination of solar , water , wind , and geothemlal energy and altenative fnels , such as alcohol and hydrogen , will ensure supplies of clean , aífordable enegy for humantity’s fumre -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 21. What are the advantages and disadvantages of nuclear power ? Advantages producing large anmouts of electticity without pollulting the atmosphere . Disadvantages: costly to build and maintain 22. State at least 3 other types of power mentioned in the passage. Hydroelectric power; solar power; wind power Tài liệu này được cung cấp tại Forum Cao Học Kinh Tế : 23. In what way(s) hydroelectric , tidal and wave power similar to each other ? They have similar drawbach impractical for some certain commurities located 24. How can we get clean , affordable energy ? By combining of solar, water, wind and geothermal energy and alternative fuels 25. why isn’t power from the sun widely used in our daily lift now ? Because the menthods of collecting and concentraing sunlight are insufficient -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PASSAGE 3 : Traditionally , mental tests have been divided into two types . Achievemeat tests are designed to measure acquued skills and knowledge , particlary those that have been explicitly taught . The proficiency exams required by some states for high school graduation are adlievement tests .Aptitude tests are designed lo measure a person's ability to acquire new skills or knowledge . For example , vocational aptimde tests can help yon decide whether you would do beuer as a mechanic or musician . However , all ment-al tests are in some sense achievement tests because they assnme some sort of past leaming or experience with certain objects , words , or siulations . The dtfíerence between achievement and aprinlde tests is one of degree and intended use. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 26. Name two main types . of tests which are menuoned in the passage . a. A chieverment tests. b. A ptitude tests 27. What is the purpose of adlievement tests In measure acquired skills and knowledge, particularly those that have been explicity taught 28. What type of test measures a person's ability to acquire new skills or knowledge ? Aptitude tests does 29. In what way are the two types of tests common ? Because they assume some sort of past learning or experiese with certain objects, words, or situation 30. What is the difference between them ? One of degree and inteded use -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PASSAGE 4 : Agricultural Reseaich Falls Behind -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The share of agricultural research in scientific joamals is relanvely small . To encourage efflcient and prompt publication of agricultural reseaich papers and reports ,more fmancial snpport shonld be directed to cunent jonmals . Also , the establishment of new jonmals is llecessary . The New World Jounlal of Agricultural Sciences, discontinued for lack of funds in 1983 after only four nnmbets were published , should be revived and its otltlook expanded to include all areas of agncultqre , inciudmg horticuture , viniculture, and reforestation . -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tài liệu này được cung cấp tại Forum Cao Học Kinh Tế : 31. According lo the author , do agricultural research papers account for a big proportion in scienlific joumals or not They don’t accont for a big proportion 32. Didn' t the New world jourmal of Agricultural before 1983 cover all aspects of agriculture ? No, it didn’t 33. Why did the New World Jounlal of Agricultural Sciellces stop publication ? Because of lack of funds 34. According to the passage , why should cunent joumals be given more financial support " To encourage efficent and promt publication 35. What is primary concem of the authur of this passage The agricultural reseach -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SECTION 3 : READING CLOZE . -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Read the text and think of one word to fill in each blank to complete it Write ONLY ONE WORD in each blank space WHAT IS MEMORY ? Memory is the ability to store and recall infomation Without it , we ( 36 ) would be unable to see , hear or hink , and would have no language or sense of who we are. In ( 37 ) addition , we would be vegetables . without intellect , mentally dead This may seem strange since one hears of- people losing their memory who despite this are ( 38 ) aware of perceiving , thinking and talking . Why is this possible if they have lost their memory ? The (39) reason is simple . Humnan memory is not a single function , like the heart or liver . It (40) consists of a nunlber of complex , intercounecteđ systems which serve different purposes and behave in very diíferent ( 41 ) ways . The systems interact with each other and can be (42) divided into three major systems called long-tetm , short-tern and sensory. In other words , you do not have a memory . you have several memones Consequently , someone who is said to (43) have. lost their memory is someone who has something wrong with one or (44) two of these systems . If all of them (45) had been lost , the person wonld be unconscious and probably dead . -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PART II : WRITING - SECTION 1 : CONTROLL.ED WRITING -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Make all the changes and additions necessaiy to produce a complete letter from the words and phrases below. Deardad , 46. I want / thank you / offer / lend me / $ 1.000 I want to thank you for offering to lend me $ 1.000 47. I / already discuss / furher loan / my bank manager I have already discussed the further loan my bank manager 48. He offer / lend me / $ 2.500 . He offered lend me $ 2.500 Tài liệu này được cung cấp tại Forum Cao Học Kinh Tế : 49. Now it / seem / there be / no problem / buy the car Now it seems that there have no proplem of buying the car 50. I / not yet decide / exactly which car / buy I have yet decided which car to buy 51. However / one of my friends / suggest / I buy / a Toyota . However one of my friends suggest I should buy a Toyota 52. She buy one / several years ago / and / be very satisfied / it She bought one several years ago and she have been very satictied with it 53. Another friend / suggest / I buy 1 a Volkswagen Another friend of mine suggested I should buy a Volkswagen 54. He say ! he have one / six years / and it / still go / very well . He said he had had one six year and it was still going very well 55. I /1et yon know ! as soon as I / decide which car / best for me : I’ll let you know as soon as I decide whick car is best for me Helen -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SECTION II : Fmish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means exacily the same as the sentences printed before it . -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 56. There was never any answer when we rang Every time we rang, there wasn’t any answer 57. Do they yow you to smoke in British cinemas ? Is there a ban on smoke in British cinmas 58. John askeđ if it was the blue one or the green she wanted . Which one is it you want the blue are on the green one john said. 59. She liked Paris very little , and Rome less She thought Rome was less lovely than paris 60. If I don't leave now , I’ll miss my train . I’ll miss my train unless I have attrative now 61. They will catch all the prisoners again by tonight. All the prisoners will be caught again by tonight 62. I.ve wamed you not go near that dog I’ve wamed you about going near that dog 63. No , please don't tell him I,d rather you didn’t tell him 64. Why don’t you ask her yourself I suggest you yourself ask her 65. An up-to-date visa is necessary for Poland . You’ll have to get an up to date visa for Poland -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SECTION 3 : TRANSLATION - Trans1ate the following seatences into English -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tài liệu này được cung cấp tại Forum Cao Học Kinh Tế : 66. Sự thay đổi về công nghệ dẫn tới việc nhiều người phải về hưu sớm The change in technology leads to the Fact that many people early retirements 67. Giáo viên ngoại ngữ cần phải có trình độ để thực hiện tốt các nhiệm vụ của mình Foreign language teachers to have a good knowledges to carry on well their duties 68. Những thành tựu mà chúng ta vừa đạt được là điều không ai có thể phủ nhận. The achievements we have just had isn’t refusable 69. Tôi thích sống ở Thành phố Hồ Chí Minh vì cũng như nhiều người khác, tôi cho rằng thành phố Hồ Chí Minh là một trong các thành phố lớn nhất và sôi động nhất Việt Nam. I enjoy living in HCM because like other people, I cosider it is one of the giggest and most exating cities in Vietnam 70. Tại đây các khách sạn mới, các khu nghỉ mát mới và các nhà hàng mới đang xây dựng lên hàng năm để tiếp đón khách du lịch In here, new hotels, resorts and restaurant are built every year to welcome tourits -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Translate the tollowing sentences into Vietnanlese -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 71" House construction in various parts of the world -depends mainly on the availability of building matenals Việc xây dựng nhà cửa ở khắp nơi trên thế giới phụ thuộc chính vào sự cung cấp các vật liệu xây dựng có sẵn 72. In the past 25 year , development in the fleld of electronics have revolutionized the computer in dustry 25 năm trước, sự phát triển trong lĩnh vực điện tử đã làm một cuộc cach mạng về công nghiệp máy vi tính. 73. We are no longer to choose the right things we want because advertising exerts a lot of influences on us Chúng ta không còn phải chọn những thứ cần thiết vì quảng cáo đã ảnh hưởng rất lớn đối với chúng ta 74. I find leaning foreign languages incredibly diffcult but I suppose one has to leam them simply because everywhere you look now you find advertisements looking for secretanes with at leastt one foreign language . Tôi thấy việc học ngoại ngữ thì khó khăn vô cùng nhưng tôi cho rằng phải học chỉ đơn giản vì mọi nơi bạn đến đều thấy những mục quảng cáo cần thư ký với ít nhất là một ngoại ngữ 75. In choosing a major . a student has to consider vanous factors , such as personal inlerest , job opportunities , and the availability of training mstitutions Khi chọn ngành học, người sinh viên cần xem xét những nhân tố như là sở thích cá nhân, các cơ hội việc làm và các cơ sở đào tạo có sẵn.

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