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The base feature is the first model feature to be created Other features are created using constraints that locate them relative to the base feature Establish a sketch plane (share sketch) Sketch Constrain Some constraints used to relate new feature to base feature Create Feature Extrude, Join

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Part EditingFeature TreeFeature tree used to edit parts/featuresNew features placed at bottom of feature treeNOTE: In Inventor, feature tree called Browser BarParent-Child RelationshipsParent-child relationship refers to way in which one feature is derived from, and consequently dependent upon another featureDependency created when new child feature positioned w/r/t older parent featureChild must appear below parent in feature treePossible to remove dependencies by editing positional constraints of childEditing the ModelCan edit:SketchesFeaturesfeature editsketch editFeature Editing with InventorSketch Editing with InventorFeature SuppressionFeature can be suppressed in feature tree feature not displayedPart EditingThat’s All, Folks!

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