Ẩm thực - Chapter 33: Cookies

Use clean, unwarped pans Use parchment or silicone paper Grease pan appropriately for desired spread Some high-fat cookies can be baked on ungreased pans

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Chapter 33Cookies1Chapter Objectives1. List the factors responsible for crispness, softness, chewiness, and spread in cookies.2. Demonstrate the three basic cookie mixing methods.3. Prepare the seven basic cookie types: dropped, bagged, rolled, molded, icebox, bar, and sheet.4. Prepare pans for, bake, and cool cookies.2The word cookie means “small cake”3CrispnessLow proportion of liquid in mixHigh in sugar and fatEvaporation of moisture during bakingSmall or thin - cooks quicklyStorage problems – crisp cookies become soft if absorb moisture4High percentage of liquid in mixLow sugar and fatHoney, molasses, or corn syrup used in mixUnderbakingLarge size or thick shapeStorage problems – soft cookies become stale and dry if not tightly covered and wrappedSoftness5Chewiness High sugar or liquid, but low fat contentHigh proportion of eggsStrong flour or gluten development6Spread or Lack of SpreadSugar - high sugar content increases spreadLeavening - high baking soda or baking ammonia encourages spreadTemperature - low oven temperature increases spreadLiquid - batter with high liquid content spreads more than stiff batterFlour - Strong flour or gluten activation decreases spreadPan grease - cookies spread more if baked on heavily greased pan.7Mixing MethodsOne-stage methodCreaming methodSponge method8Types and Makeup MethodsDroppedBaggedRolledMoldedIceboxBarSheet 9Panning, Baking, and CoolingPreparing the pansBakingCooling 10Preparing PansUse clean, unwarped pansUse parchment or silicone paperGrease pan appropriately for desired spreadSome high-fat cookies can be baked on ungreased pans11Baking Most cookies are baked at high temperature for short timeToo low a temperature increases spread and can produce hard, dry cookieToo high a temperature may decrease spread and cause cookie edges to burnEvery minute of overbaking can burn the cookiesDoneness is indicated by color12Cooling Remove cookies from pans right away, while still warmIf they are soft cookies let cool on the pans until firm enough to handleDo not cool cookies too rapidly or they might crackCool completely before storing13Clip art images may not be saved or downloaded and are only to be used for viewing purposes.Copyright ©2007 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.14

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