Ẩm thực - Chapter 35: Creams, custards, puddings, frozen desserts, and sauces

Bavarians – also known as bavarian cream or bavaroise, have three basic ingredients: Crème Anglaise Gelatin Whipped Cream

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Chapter 35 Creams, Custards, Puddings, Frozen Desserts, and Sauces1Chapter Objectives1. Cook sugar syrups to the seven stages of hardness.2. Prepare créme anglaise, pastry cream, and baked custard.3. Prepare starch-thickened puddings and baked puddings.4. Prepare bavarians, chiffons, mousses, and dessert soufflés.5. Assemble frozen desserts6. Prepare dessert sauces.2Sugar CookingBasic PrinciplesA solution of syrup of sugar and water is boiled to evaporate part of the water.As the water evaporates the temperature of the sugar rises. If left cooking it will caramelize or turn brown and change flavor.Sugars cooked to high temperature will be harder than sugars cooked to low temperature.Sugar syrup cooked to 240o F is forms a soft ball when cooled.Sugar syrup cooked to 300o F is hard and brittle when cooled.3Simple SyrupEqual weights of sugar and water.Heat the sugar and water to a boil, cool - simple syrup.4Crystallization Graininess is a common fault in many candies and desserts.Graininess happens when cooked sugar crystallizes.To avoid crystallization during first stages of boiling:Wash down the sides of the pan with brush dipped in water to remove crystals.When first bringing the mixture to a boil, cover for a few minutes, condensed steam will wash down the sides.5Stages of Sugar CookingTest the temperature with a candy thermometer Stage °F °C Thread 230 110 Soft Ball 240 115 Firm Ball 245 118 Hard Ball 250-260 122-127 Small Crack 265-270 130-132 Crack 275-280 135-138 Hard Crack 290-310 143-155 Caramel 320-340 160-170 6Basic Custards and CreamsCrème Anglaise - vanilla custard saucePastry Cream - contains starch thickeners that stabilize eggsBaked Custard - used as a pie filling or stand alone dessert7Puddings It is difficult to give a definition because of the wide variety of puddings. Here only dessert puddings are discussed.8Starch-Thickened PuddingsCornstarch pudding or blancmangeCream pudding9Baked PuddingsCustards that contain additional ingredientsSuch as pouring the pudding mix over bread cubes and bakingRice pudding is popular and made from cooked rice and custard10Bavarians, Chiffons, Mousses, and SoufflésBavarians – also known as bavarian cream or bavaroise, have three basic ingredients:Crème AnglaiseGelatinWhipped Cream11Chiffons Most popular as pie fillings, but also served as puddings and chilled dessertsThe difference between chiffons and bavarians is the use of whipped egg whites instead of or in addition to whipped creamThree types of chiffon bases:Thickened with starchThickened with eggThickened with egg and starch12Mousses Defined as a soft or creamy dessert made light and fluffy by addition of whipped cream, beaten egg whites, or both.Please note: bavarians and chiffons fit this description13Dessert SoufflésSoufflés are lightened with beaten egg whites, baked.Baking causes the soufflé to rise like a cake because the air in the egg expands.There are 4 stage of preparation of dessert soufflés:BaseEgg yolksEgg whitesBaking 14Summary and ComparisonBavarianBase: custard sauceGelatinWhipped creamChiffonBase: starch-thickened (fruit filling type)Egg-thickened (custard type)Egg- and starch-thickened (pastry cream type)GelatinEgg whites(Optional whipped cream)15Summary and Comparison (cont’d)MousseBase: many varietiesLittle or no gelatinEgg whites/whipped creamSouffléBase: many varieties, usually contain egg yolkEgg whitesBaked 16Frozen DessertsClassificationsIce CreamIce milkFrozen yogurtSherbet and icesStill-frozen dessertsFrozen soufflésFrozen mousses17Production and QualityThere is a trend that more and more restaurants are making their own ice cream.Quality factors of ice creamSmoothnessOverrunMouth feel or body18Storage and ServiceStore ice cream and sherbets at 0oF or lowerService temperature 8o-15o FDo not pack the ice creamUse standard scoops for portion controlMeasure syrups, toppings, and garnishes for portion control19Popular Ice Cream DessertsParfaitsSundaes or coupesBombesMeringue glacéeBaked AlaskaFrozen éclairs and profiteroles20Dessert SaucesCustard saucesFruit puréesSyrups 21Clip art images may not be saved or downloaded and are only to be used for viewing purposes.Copyright ©2007 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.22

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