Ẩm thực - Chapter 9: Soups

Remember to serve hot food hot and cold food cold Clear soups - 210° F Hot cream soups - 190-200° F Cold soups - 40° F Safety Alert: If you are using high protein food items, please heat and cool properly!

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Chapter 9Soups 1Chapter Objectives1. Describe three basic categories of soups.2. Identify standard appetizer and main course portion sizes for soups.3. State the procedures for holding soups for service and for serving soups at the proper temperature.4. Prepare clarified consommé.5. Prepare vegetable soups and other clear soups.6. Prepare cream soups.7. Prepare purée soups.8. Prepare bisques, chowders, specialty soups, and national soups.2A wide variety of ingredients, seasoning, and garnishes can be used for soupsYou can use the worlds finest ingredients or use leftovers to make quality soupRemember if you use leftovers, you have to follow strict sanitation principlesA soup’s quality is determined by its flavor, appearance and texture3Types of SoupsClear soups Broths and bouillonsVegetable soupsConsomméThick soupsCream soupsPuréesBisquesChowdersPotages4Classifications (cont’d)Specialty and National SoupsTurtle Soup, Gumbo, Peanut, Cold fruit soupsSoups from Italy, France, Spain - Yours is____?Vegetarian and Low-fat soupsGood fresh vegetables, rich stocks - Good5Vegetarian and Low Fat SoupsThe appeal of vegetarian soups depends on the freshness and quality of the vegetables.Review the vegetarian chapter for the types of vegetarian diets to match up with soups.6Service of SoupsStandard portion sizesAppetizer portion: 6 - 8 ozMain course portion: - 10 - 12 ozTemperatureHot soups – served in hot cups or bowlsCold soups – served in chilled bowls7Remember to serve hot food hot and cold food coldClear soups - 210° FHot cream soups - 190-200° FCold soups - 40° FSafety Alert: If you are using high protein food items, please heat and cool properly!Temperatures8Service of SoupsGarnishes of SoupsGarnishes in the soupMeat, poultry, pasta, riceToppingsHerbs, grated cheese, egg yolks, sour creamAccompanimentsCrackers, cheese straws, wafers9ConsomméA consommé is a stock or broth that has been clarified to remove impurities so that it is crystal clearA double consommé is used to describe any strong flavored consommé made with ground meet, poultry, or seafood10Clarification of ConsomméCoagulation of proteins in stock making is very important.Proteins like albumins will solidify or coagulate and rise to the surface.If all the tiny particles are brought to the surface then the soup will be crystal clear.11ConsomméClarification:Coagulation of proteinsSome proteins especially albumins dissolve in cold water and when heated solidify or coagulateBasic ingredients:Lean ground beefEgg whitesMirepoixAcid ingredientsA wonderful stock12Clip art images may not be saved or downloaded and are only to be used for viewing purposes.Copyright ©2007 John Wiley & Sons, Inc.13

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