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101. Saint Lawrence's University was ________ in its bid to host the national volleyball finals. (a) rejection (b) rejecting (c) rejected (d) rejects 102. It is challenging to ________ with a manager who is so close-minded about solutions. (a) intend (b) negotiate (c) estimate (d) promote

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JULY 2009 - NEW TOEIC Part 5 / 6 / 7 Part 5 + Part 6: finish within 23 minutes 101. Saint Lawrence's University was ________ in its bid to host the national volleyball finals. (a) rejection (b) rejecting (c) rejected (d) rejects 102. It is challenging to ________ with a manager who is so close-minded about solutions. (a) intend (b) negotiate (c) estimate (d) promote 103. Wait ________ the announcement to be made, and then stand to make a toast to the happy couple. (a) as (b) onto (c) by (d) for 104. Submit your ideas for the annual Summer Staff Weekend by e-mail or a signed note delivered ________ to Jonah Voight. (a) direct (b) directed (c) directly (d) direction 105. The Bay City Thespians have much more confidence in ________ now that their production of King Lear has gotten such positive reviews. (a) themselves (b) them (c) they (d) theirs 106. Lorgo Inc. no longer ships from Hong Kong since their head office ________ to Shanghai. (a) has moved (b) have moved (c) was moving (d) were moving 107. This is a legal matter and we expect you to answer all questions ________. (a) trust (b) trusting (c) truthful (d) truthfully 108. The ________ of coverage SDC News can give within a 30-minute television broadcast is incredible. (a) shape (b) height (c) stage (d) amount 109. Concerned parents have been calling ________ the news of the fire next to Ross Elementary School was announced over the radio. (a) until (b) beyond (c) since (d) through 110. Parking passes must be clearly ________ in the front window to avoid getting a ticket. (a) display (b) displayed (c) displaced (d) displacement 111. Fuki Inc. will be ________ on developing effective ad campaigns in the coming months. (a) focus (b) focuses (c) focused (d) focusing 112. Because operating costs have ________ during the last year, Resto Corporation will be charging customers more for their products. (a) increased (b) increasing (c) increase (d) increases 113. A person interested in working as an account manager is ________ to complete an undergraduate degree in business administration. (a) afforded (b) required (c) educated (d) interested 114. Studies have ________ shown communicating with clients in person is more effective than speaking with them on the telephone. (a) consistent (b) consisted (c) consistently (d) consists 115. Street improvements in the downtown area are not expected to significantly increase travel time for ________. (a) commuters (b) commoners (c) communicators (d) commanders 116. We wish to ________ all employees that time sheets must be submitted by Friday. (a) reminds (b) reminded (c) reminding (d) remind 117. According to company policy, no office supplies may be removed from the premises unless employees receive ________ from a manager. (a) service (b) permission (c) rules (d) supervision 118. Due to a shortage of skilled workers, companies are ________ recruiting recent university graduates. (a) actively (b) rarely (c) basically (d) honestly 119. Houses located close to the downtown area are readily available, ________ very expensive. (a) as (b) but (c) so (d) if 120. After months of negotiations, the computer parts manufacturer Tyson Ltd. was successful in ________ a multi-million dollar contract. (a) secure (b) securing (c) secured (d) secures 121. Presidential ________ Leon Brown will appear tomorrow as the talk show's special guest. (a) hope (b) hopes (c) hoping (d) hopeful 122. According to the weather forecast, temperatures will not rise ________ the freezing point for the remainder of the week. (a) with (b) above (c) until (d) between 123. The retailer ________ its profits would not meet expectations for the fourth quarter. (a) acted (b) warned (c) wanted (d) replied 124. A 90-day unlimited warranty is included ________ the purchase of all computers. (a) in (b) on (c) of (d) if 125. The weekly manager's meeting will be ________ to Tuesday afternoon. (a) postpone (b) postpones (c) postponed (d) postponing 126. LT Computers announced it would make a ________ addition to its popular line of notebook computers. (a) solid (b) packed (c) compact (d) popular 127. The bookstore is holding a sale on all travel guides ________ this week only. (a) in (b) of (c) for (d) until 128. Returns must be made within 30 days and must ________ by the original receipt. (a) accompanying (b) be accompanied (c) be accompanying (d) have accompanied 129. New fire alarms will be installed in all university buildings, ________ dormitories. (a) within (b) including (c) especially (d) meaningful 130. The football team won the championship series without a ________ on their record. (a) loss (b) lose (c) lost (d) losing 131. A HypoTech decided to hire more Chinese-speaking employees to provide ________ service to all clients. (a) excellent (b) expected (c) exceeding (d) excessive 132. When employees can ________ voice their concerns to supervisors, it sends a message that their input is valued and appreciated. (a) perceptively (b) personally (c) perfectly (d) perpetually 133. After Mr. Jones consulted with customers and employees, ________ decided to revise the policy regarding overdue accounts. (a) they (b) both (c) it (d) he 134. After Mr. Chang considered a proposal from several investors wishing to purchase his company, he decided to reject ________ offer. (a) their (b) your (c) his (d) her 135. Gate Enterprises ordered office supplies, but they were later disappointed to find the same goods were being sold ________ another store at a lower price. (a) at (b) to (c) for (d) as 136. Title Growth offers an extra day of vacation for each year of service as a way to reward ________ employees. (a) devote (b) devoted (c) devotes (d) devoting 137. Great Standards has ________ a new set of regulations which will require employees to submit weekly progress reports to managers. (a) repaired (b) strengthened (c) implemented (d) measured 138. When Trustee Tops moved to its new ________, they were forced to exceed their yearly budget. (a) location (b) located (c) locating (d) locates 139. -------- Yuill Inc. began accepting international clients, the average value of their contracts has increased by 15%. (a) Until (b) Since (c) Unless (d) Before 140. Please be advised that employees are not allowed to ________ the company gym until all renovations have been completed. (a) supply (b) improve (c) purchase (d) access Questions 141-143 refer to the following letter. The“ Mississippi Miracle,” 86 year-old investor Sean Hanes will be making his annual visit to 17 Youth High academies _______ spring. 141. (a) this (b) then (c) any (d) one As he does each year, Hanes will be discussing business projects with teens across the country, more specifically how the 13 to 18 year-olds can start their own money-making projects. Hanes is currently the world's 5th _______ man. He grew up in the city of Columbus, also the birthplace of award-winning American playwright Tennessee Williams. 142. (a) richer (b) rich (c) richest (d) richly In his 20s, Hanes quickly became known for his _______ for finding and investing in smaller companies that would later find great success. With his first earnings he bought a small publishing company, Guller Brothers, in 1954. 143. (a) talent (b) fun (c) sight (d) economy Questions 144-146 refer to the following letter. During our annual shareholder's meeting, it _______ that the number of missed days due to illness was up from last year. Jetties Technology recognizes that it is important for employees to take time off work for genuine illnesses and health problems. However, we fear that our sick day policy is being abused. It appears that some employees are using sick days as vacation days. 144. (a) noted (b) was noted (c) notes (d) is noting By 2008, we hope to _______ the average number of sick days to 12. This will help us avoid the financial losses and reduced productivity associated with excessive absenteeism. Effective February 1, 2008, the number of paid sick days per year will be reduced from 25 to 20. 145. (a) replace (b) rearrange (c) reduce (d) retract Any employee who calls in sick for more than three _______ days will require a note. The note must indicate the reason for your absence, and it must be completed by a practicing physician. 146. (a) affective (b) long (c) conservative (d) straight Questions 147-149 refer to the following letter. Herring Auto Insurance 379 North Ridge Drive, Suite 927 Bridgeport, CT 06607 January 15 Mr. Ivan Reilly, Thank you for your interest in Herring Auto Insurance. We received your request for your interest estimate and have _______ your information. 147. (a) process (b) processed (c) processes (d) processing Not only have we given you an estimate of the cost of our coverage, we have included the price you would spend if you would _______ one of our competitors. Attached is the information and recommended Herring plan. 148. (a) go (b) point (c) decide (d) choose If you have any questions _______ this estimate or our plans, please do not hesitate to call us toll-free at 1-888-389-5555. Our friendly operators are available from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. Eastern. 149. (a) in (b) of (c) for (d) about We look forward to doing business with you. Yours truly, Gladys Richardson Customer Relations Manager. Questions 150-152 refer to the following letter. Good morning, Paul. I've _______ your invitation to the golf tournament at Oakwood this Friday. Regrettably, I'll have to decline. 150. (a) had considered (b) been considering (c) considering (d) have considered Although I think it would be a great chance to relax and make new business contacts, we're having a few problems here in the warehouse. It's our computerized inventory system. Strangely, it seems to be ordering product _______ we don't need it. 151. (a) unless (b) when (c) before (d) until We've shut down the system for now. Ron Meyer, our warehouse manager, is looking into it. He hasn't located the problem yet, but he's confident he'll have it solved by the weekend. If a miracle occurs, and he _______ it earlier, I may give you a call back. 152. (a) plans (b) fixes (c) molds (d) erases Part 7 : finish within 22 minutes Application for Entry and Exit Visa Name: Takahashi Manaka Date of birth: August 3, 1976 Male/Female: Female Place of birth: Nagoya, Japan Nationality at birth: Japanese Current nationality: Japanese Passport number: JU 28837565 Issued in: Osaka, Japan Expiry date: March 8, 2012 Profession: financial advisor Place of employment: Osaka, Japan Purpose of visit: Travel Foreign Contact: Jessica Tilborn, 55 Lipton Way, Manchester, England (755) 555-6334 Date of entry/exit: (from) April 7 (to) June 15 Number of entries: double Port of departure: Tokyo, Japan I hereby verify that the information given above is accurate. 153. Where did the applicant receive her passport? (a) Nagoya (b) Tokyo (c) Manchester (d) Osaka. 154. What information is missing on the application form? (a) Personal contact information (b) A job title (c) Her birthplace (d) A departure date Notice to San Mateo Residents The city is happy to announce it will feature a pickup day for unwanted bulk items and organic refuse in addition to the regular trash and recycling schedule. Bulk items include used furniture, old electronics, bicycles, lawn mowers, and appliances. Many of the items will be fixed and given to charity. If you would like a receipt for your donation for tax purposes, you must affix an orange tag to each item. These tags are provided by the city and are available at all major grocery stores. The pickup days for bulk items are as follows: BULK ITEM PICKUP Thursday: Main Street and East San Mateo Friday: West San Mateo Organic refuse includes brush, lawn clippings, tree branches, and leaves. All organic refuse must be placed in brown paper bags or it will not be picked up. The pickup days for organic refuse are as follows: ORGANIC REFUSE PICKUP Monday: Main Street and East San Mateo Tuesday: West San Mateo For more information about this new service, please call 573-2892. 155. What must be done to bulk items? (a) They must be placed in paper bags. (b) They must be approved by the city. (c) They must have a special tag attached. (d) They must be taken to nearby grocery stores 156. When will organic refuse be collected on Main Street? (a) Monday (b) Tuesday (c) Thursday (d) Friday. North American Translators Fall Conference July 8-10 / Nashville, Tennessee FRIDAY 7:30 Sign-in (To obtain an event I.D., members must show their official N.A.T. member card; non-members must show an invitation or be accompanied by a member.) 8:30 Welcome Session - Address by N.A.T. President Gloria Rudan 9:00 Education Seminar -“ Innovations in Translation” Hosted by Linda Neilson 10:45 Coffee Break 11:00 Workshop -“ Cultural Issues” 12:30 Spanish Lunch - prepared and hosted by the San Diego Chapter 1:30 Education Seminar -“ Translation Tools and Ethics” Hosted by Charlie Rather 4:00 Closing Address - Gloria Rudan 6:00 Cocktail Party - Victoria Hotel (ticket and conference I.D. required) 157. Who would not be able to get an I.D.? (a) A member who attended last year's conference (b) A friend of a translator (c) Charlie Rather (d) A member without an official card 158. At what time can an attendee enjoy a special meal? (a) 7:30 a.m. (b) 10:45 a.m. (c) 12:30 p.m. (d) 6:00 p.m. 159. What is indicated about Friday afternoon's events? (a) Only one seminar is scheduled. (b) Linda Neilson will be speaking. (c) An opening ceremony is planned. (d) Brochures will be distributed Your money is waiting! Open a new account at Bank One today and open the doors to your financial future. When you open an account at Bank One2One, you will get your own personal banker, who will help you plan your personal savings, personal goals such as buying a car or house, child's education planning, vacations, and retirement. All you need is one cent to open an account and get personal financial planning advice and the right account that will fit your needs. Why shop around for the right bank when Bank One2One has everything you need with the customer service you deserve? For more information, visit us online at www.bankone2one.com or stop by any of our nationwide locations. 160. According to the advertisement, what service does the bank offer? (a) Financial planning (b) Free online banking (c) Low-interest home loans (d) A high-interest savings account 161. How much is needed to open an account? (a) $0.01 (b) $0.10 (c) $1.00 (d) $10.00. 162. What is inferred about the bank? (a) It is a new bank. (b) It is starting a new promotion. (c) It has banks throughout the country. (d) It recently merged with another bank Canadian Transportation Committee 245 Faber Street Hamilton, Ontario Canada M4H 4H2 To Whom It May Concern: On December 14th I booked a return flight from Montreal to Vancouver on the airline Joust Air. At the last minute however, a family emergency came up and I was forced to make a trip to Toronto. I decided then to simply buy another ticket to Vancouver and use the return portion of my original ticket to fly back to Montreal. Upon arriving at the airport for the return flight, I was told by Joust Air that my return ticket had been cancelled. I was told by a Joust service representative that because I had not boarded the plane in Montreal, the entire ticket was made void. I would like to make a formal complaint against this policy. I was not told of this before buying my ticket and no other airlines I have contacted have similar policies. I have attached a photocopy of my original ticket to this letter as well as a receipt of the ticket I purchased to return to Montreal. I am hoping you can assist me in getting a refund for this ticket. As well, I hope there may be something to prevent this from occurring again in the future. Thank you, Wanda Breen 163. What is the purpose of the letter above? (a) To dispute a policy (b) To report an emergency (c) To apply for a permit (d) To check on a charge. 164. Where did Ms. Breen speak to a Joust Air representative? (a) In Hamilton (b) In Vancouver (c) In Toronto (d) In Montreal 165. What is the writer requesting? (a) A return ticket (b) An apology (c) A refund (d) A better seat NBIC is proud to present: Stanley Ling Expert Asia Analyst Friday, January 20 * Saturday, January 21 7-9 p.m. Hotel de Los Reyes Business Conference Room The New Business Investor's Club welcomes analyst Stanley Ling, an expert in the Asian stock markets. Not only will he discuss the major markets of Japan and Hong Kong, he will focus on China, India, South Korea and Singapore. Mr. Ling will also discuss currency exchange, important laws you should know about investing, standard business customs in major markets, and current affairs that have a major impact on the markets. Because this topic is so broad and important, Mr. Ling has agreed to speak on Friday and Saturday evenings. Please reserve your ticket as soon as possible. 166. Who is Stanley Ling? (a) A lawyer (b) An analyst (c) A professor (d) An investor. 167. How long will each event last? (a) One hour (b) Two hours (c) Three hours (d) Four hours 168. According to the announcement, what topic will be covered? (a) Housing laws (b) Market trends (c) Business customs (d) Cultural exchange Reviews.com Your destination before the destination. What: Aces High Theme Park Where: Bellings, Montana When: Since 1987 “Aces High was worth the trip. The rides and roller-coasters were fast and had plenty of thrills, and the most surprising thing was the size. It took us two full days to see everything. Bring extra clothes. You'll get wet on the water rides. Incredible fun!” - Barbara Fleet, Colorado Springs – “If you're planning on spending a lot of time in the theme park, I recommend staying at The Royal Flush. This is the resort hotel located next to Aces High. Just show your room card at the rides and you'll be taken to the shorter Gold Members line. You'll save hours of time!” - Dave Goldblum, Bangor – “As usual, this theme park contains long lines and grumpy kids. Be prepared. Before you arrive, try to visit the website online and check the roller-coaster height minimums for children. That way you can explain to your children which rides they can and can't go on. Children under 10 pay half price.” - Mindy Fox, Anaheim - 169. What is suggested about the theme park? (a) Its rides are only for adults. (b) The restaurants are fantastic. (c) Entry is free for children. (d) It cannot be seen in one day. 170. Who recommends a faster way to go on the rides? (a) The magazine editors (b) Barbara Fleet (c) Dave Goldblum (d) Mindy Fox 171. What park regulation is mentioned? (a) Gold members must come early. (b) Food is not allowed in the water park. (c) The park closes after dark. (d) Roller-coasters have height restrictions for riders 172. What is NOT mentioned about the theme park? (a) Its name (b) Its contact information (c) Its location (d) Its first year of operation To: All staff From: Scott McCoy Date: May 10, 20XX Subject: Weekend Work Hours ---------------------------------------------------- Hello Everyone, Beginning next week, the number of office hours available to complete your team projects will be increased. Many of you will likely recall last year's summer schedule when most project teams needed more time to finish their work. We expect a similar increase in business this summer, especially for our wedding reception and gown design teams. To help them, we've hired added building security for Saturdays and Sundays until 7 p.m. Weekend Opening times are the same as during the week, at 8. I must stress though, that your employee I.D. is necessary to enter the building. The security staff is not required to recognize you by your appearance alone, and they have the full authority to refuse your entrance if you do not bring your card. They've done so before. That being said, feel free to make use of the office and workshop during this busy time of the year. 173. What will occur soon? (a) A pay raise will be given. (b) Greater office access will be allowed. (c) New project teams will be made. (d) I.D. cards will be handed out. 174. Who may be most interested in this memo? (a) Those coordinating wedding parties (b) The summer sales team (c) Printers and editors (d) Graphic designers 175. When can employees begin work? (a) 7 a.m. (b) 8 a.m. (c) 10 a.m. (d) 11 a.m. 176. What is suggested about the security staff? (a) They are not appreciated. (b) They frequently argue with management. (c) They strictly enforce entry procedures. (d) They start later than regular office workers Dear Western Telecom Customer, We are writing to inform you that you are qualified for our new BestPay Program. The BestPay program allows customers to pay their cable, telephone, and Internet bill all at once, without any hassle. The best part about BestPay is that your bill will be significantly lower. Instead of paying for three separate services, you will be paying for one, lowering service fees and taxes. The BestPay Program also offers a lower Internet rate of $ 29.99 in comparison to our regular rate of $ 41.99. Since records show that we are already your service provider for your cable, telephone, and Internet, you will automatically be switched to the BestPay Program effective May 1. If you have any questions about this, please contact our Western Telecom representative at 1-800-389-4832. Don't forget to have your account number handy so our representative can give you specific information about your bill. Best regards, Bill Withers Director BestPay Program Western Telecom 177. What is true about BestPay? (a) It includes free installation. (b) It lowers the electricity bill. (c) It includes more than one service. (d) Customers may pay their bill online 178. How much is the standard Internet rate? (a) $29.99 (b) $32.99 (c) $41.99 (d) $52.99. 179. When will the customer start the program? (a) March 1 (b) April 1 (c) May 1 (d) June 1 180. The word “handy” in paragraph 4, line 3 is closest in meaning to: (a) clever (b) usable (c) helpful (d) available. From: Martin Yorke (yorke.m@pacificair.com) To: Simon Yang (simon001@fastmail.com) Subject: Mileage Inquiry Date: October 30, 11:37 a.m. ------------------------------------------------- Dear Ms. Yang, We received your e-mail, and I would like to apologize for the inconvenience you encountered in getting your mileage credited. Please be assured that our ground staff does everything it can to ensure the proper mileage is credited; however mistakes such as typos, as in your case, do happen. To get the proper credit, we need you to send a copy of your original ticket, boarding pass, and frequent flier membership card. If you do not have a printed ticket, you can send us a copy of an email confirmation of the ticket. You can fax the information locally to 482-4892, or if it's more convenient, you can scan the required documents and e-mail them directly to me. If you choose to fax the documents, please write out your flight information or include an itinerary, as boarding passes are sometimes difficult to read. Please feel free to contact me should I be able to further assist you with this matter, or any other matter regarding our mileage program in the future. Kind regards, Martin Yorke ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From 482-8579 Facsimile Page 2 of 2 Itinerary for Tuesday, October 19 Pacific Air Flight 2284 Non-stop Flight Departs: 11:00a San Francisco (SFO) Arrives: 6:30p Hartsfield- Jackson (ATL) Coach | Fare code: WA62NOM | Aircraft: 319 | 7h 30m | 2134 miles ------------------------------------------------------------ Pacific Air Mileage Simon Yang 2394 1338 8139 8 Member since 12/07 ------------------------------------------------------------ Pacific Air Yang/Simon From: San Francisco/SFO To: Atlanta/ATL ECONOMY GATE BOARDING SEAT 10 10:30 12B Boarding Pass 181. What is implied by the e-mail? (a) The problem was caused by a typo. (b) The Pacific Air office is overseas. (c) The ground staff has many new employees. (d) Mr. Yorke often works with the ground staff 182. What document is NOT needed? (a) Boarding pass (b) Passport copy (c) Ticket copy (d) Frequent flier membership card. 183. What was Mr. Yang's destination? (a) Atlanta, GA (b) San Jose, CA (c) Jackson, MI (d) San Francisco, CA. 184. What is true about Mr. Yang's flight? (a) It had no connections. (b) He sat in business class. (c) His flight was three hours. (d) He used miles for a seat upgrade. 185. When was the boarding time? (a) 10:30 (b) 11:00 (c) 18:30 (d) 19:00. From: Luis Reyes (l.reyes@bluepharmacy.com) To: Amanda Cunningham (a.cunningham@bluepharmacy.com) Subject: Overstock Date: June 24, 8:42 p.m. ------------------------------------------------ Amanda, I just finished stocking the order, and it looks as if we have a small problem. Whoever ordered must have punched in the wrong amount, because we have too many of the Pretty Baby Sun Lotion. I asked Linda about it, and she didn't know anything. There are 10 cases of this product, so someone must have ordered 200 instead of 20. I checked the invoice, and we were billed correctly. I even called the warehouse to make sure they didn't make the mistake, and the order was for 200. I wasn't sure what to do, so I just stocked the shelves and put the rest in our back stock. I was thinking we could make some sort of promotion for sun lotion since summer just started. If you want, I can make a display tomorrow morning. Luis ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- From: Amanda Cunningham (a.cunningham@bluepharmacy.com) To: Luis Reyes (l.reyes@bluepharmacy.com) Subject: Re: Overstock Date: June 25, 6:14 a.m. ------------------------------------------------ Luis, Thanks for the notice. I went in the back room and was wondering what was going on with those cases of sun lotion. Since it was Patrick who ordered, I'll let him know what happened. Since it's been pretty slow these days, I'll have him build a display to promote the sun lotion. I'm sure we'll get rid of it before the summer is over. I hope you are enjoying your day off. Regards, Amanda 186. Where does Mr. Reyes work? (a) At a pharmacy (b) At a swimming pool (c) At a fitness center (d) At a department store. 187. How many cases were ordered? (a) 10 (b) 20 (c) 100 (d) 200. 188. Who placed the order? (a) Luis (b) Linda (c) Amanda (d) Patrick 189. What will happen later that day? (a) Luis will build a display. (b) Patrick will return the order. (c) Linda will attend a meeting. (d) Amanda will speak with Patrick 190. What is inferred in the e-mail? (a) Patrick is a manager. (b) Luis has the day off. (c) It is the end of summer. (d) There will be a storewide sale. Boston Weekly Outlook Monday Sunny High 10°C Low 4°C Precipitation 20% Tuesday Partly Cloudy High 7°C Low 1°C Precipitation 20% Wednesday Light Rain/Sleet High 2°C Low -2°C Precipitation 80% Thursday Heavy Snow High 0°C Low -6°C Precipitation 100% Friday Scattered Showers High 4°C Low 1°C Precipitation 40% ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ From: Helen Moore (helen@rogersinc.com) To: Robert Foster (r.foster@cooperreilly.com) Subject: Meeting Date: January 18, 7:49 a.m. ----------------------------------------------- Dear Mr. Foster, I regret that I was unable to meet with you last week. As you may have heard, my flight was cancelled due to heavy snow, and I wasn't able to leave Boston until the day of the meeting. I was delighted to hear from Jerome that the meeting went well, and we are getting closer to an agreement. Since we seem most comfortable discussing these matters in person, I'd like to hear your thoughts. I've looked over the minutes and have read the reports, but I would still like to speak with you personally. How about meeting for lunch this Wednesday? My schedule is open at any time. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours truly, Helen 191. What is true according to the outlook? (a) Monday is the warmest day. (b) It is mostly rainy weather. (c) Friday is the coldest day. (d) The temperature is somewhat constant 192. What day has the least chance of precipitation? (a) Tuesday (b) Wednesday (c) Thursday (d) Friday 193. What is NOT a purpose of the e-mail? (a) To apologize (b) To request information (c) To offer a meeting (d) To extend an invitation 194. Who might Mr. Foster be? (a) A client (b) A friend (c) A colleague (d) A flight attendant 195. When most likely was Ms. Moore's original flight? (a) Tuesday (b) Wednesday (c) Thursday (d) Friday To: willtynes02@systoc.com From: amcinnes@qmail.com Subject: 2-Day Workshop Date: August 30 ---------------------------------------------- Good day Mr. Tynes, To quickly reintroduce myself, my name is Angie McInnes, head of Special Programming at Dunbar College here in Clare County. We met briefly several months ago at the European Teachers Expo in Dublin. In two weeks, this year's Professional Development Series will be beginning. As always, 10 different colleges across the country are chosen to offer the 2-day course. This year, Elizabeth Rankin has agreed to teach the course on the topic of project management. There seems to be a problem however in regards to her availability. Due to a personal commitment, Ms. Rankin will not be available for two of the dates in mid-October, the 13th and the 16th. I realize this may be short notice, but I am wondering if you would be interested in taking her place for these dates. Given your extensive experience at Lloyd, Bremer & Western in addition to your teaching experience at Dublin College, I think you would be perfect for the job. Of course, all the materials will be provided, though I encourage you to bring your own stories and ideas to the course. I'm sure the students would be fascinated to see how projects operate in the world of architecture. I've attached a brief outline of the course, the dates, and exact locations as well. If you think you may be interested in this project, please contact me as soon as you can, as these dates need to be filled. At that time we can meet and discuss any questions you may have. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 196. What department does Ms. McInnes work for? (a) Professional Development (b) European Studies (c) Special Programming (d) Business Affairs. 197. What is Mr. Tynes being asked to do? (a) Take the place of another teacher (b) Evaluate a course (c) Review architecture plans (d) Submit an outline 198. What is Mr. Tynes' connection to Dublin College? (a) He helped build its curriculum. (b) He assisted in its design. (c) He was previously a graduate student. (d) He used to instruct there 199. When are the cheapest dates for members? (a) Late September and mid October (b) Mid October and early November (c) Late September and early October (d) Mid September and early October 200. Where are most of the September courses being offered? (a) In Leinster (b) In Dublin (c) In Waterford (d) In Munster ANSWER 101. C 102. B 103. D 104. C 105. A 106. A 107. D 108. D 109. C 110. B 111. D 112. A 113. B 114. C 115. A 116. D 117. B 118. A 119. B 120. B 121. D 122. B 123. B 124. A 125. C 126. B 127. C 128. B 129. B 130. A 131. A 132. B 133. D 134. A 135. A 136. B 137. C 138. A 139. B 140. D 141. A 142. C 143. A 144. B 145. C 146. D 147. B 148. D 149. D 150. B 151. B 152. B 153. D 154. A 155. C 156. A 157. D 158. C 159. A 160. A 161. A 162. C 163. A 164. B 165. C 166. B 167. B 168. C 169. D 170. C 171. D 172. B 173. B 174. A 175. B 176. C 177. C 178. C 179. C 180. D 181. A 182. B 183. A 184. A 185. A 186. A 187. A 188. D 189. D 190. B 191. A 192. A 193. B 194. A 195. C 196. C 197. A 198. D 199. C 200. A

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